Ten Thousand Empires

Prelude - Jorken and Gort

Jorken approaches Grayhill. A guard sees the minotaur and rings the bell to scramble the town guard. Gort had helped protect the town in the past and also came out. Gort vouches for Jorken, but the guard captain demands proof that Jorken is not a threat to the town and suggests Jorken and Gort help a local farmer recover his pigs from goblins. Gort is promised one pig for his help.

Jorken and Gort head out in the direction Gort remembers chasing the goblins off in from before.
The two get ambushed by 4 goblins. Jorken forgets that he is not in the monastery anymore and is unable remember not to pull his punches when he is doing more than sparring. Then they come up on two more goblins roasting a pig. Gort sees this pig as his pig about to get eaten and this fills him with rage.


Gort charges the goblins, kills one, and the other cowers in fear and tries to tell the assailants what happened to the rest of the pigs, but his lack of specificity / getting to the point did not help quell Gort’s rage, and it cost it its life.

Following the trail, the two enter a cave where a dragon is keeping the rest of the pigs. The party tries to take the pigs and a fight ensues. Getting over his mental block with gusto, Jorken opens with a massive strike. The fight continues and before the dragon can be killed, it grabs at least 4 pigs and flies off.

Jorken and Gort now have few pigs, but they do have the gold that the dragon abandoned in its cave. They return to Grayhill and the farmer is pleased with payment of gold for his lost pigs and Jorken is uneasily granted permission to enter the town.

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