Rules Changes

Rule Changes

I want to change a few things, only some of which are important right now and some will come later.

I’m essentially eliminating planar travel as a concept. So no Feywild, Shadowfel, etc. They may come back in pieces, but for now consider them gone. Which means also that races which are based in these area, Eladrin, Gnome, Wilden, Githzerai, Shardmind, they’re all gone. If you really very badly want to use one, let me know.

I’m normalizing the ages, so everybody will live roughly as long as humans. 80 is considered very old. We can mess with maturation rates, adolescent ages, etc, as needed.

I’m pruning down the pantheon, too. For now there are three gods, the god of the sky, the god of the earth, and the goddess of the harvest, life and death. Names will come in the future.

All arcane power source characters must come from a college or university (it’s a size thing), all diving power source characters from a temple or cathedral, and all psionics from a sketes or monestary. We’ll chat about those as necessary. The location of these buildings defines whether a settlement is a village, town, or city. A village will have one of either a college, temple, or sketes. A town will have two or, rarely, three. A city will have one or more university, cathedral, or monestary.

For rules, anything in the core books that I haven’t mentioned should be considered good to go. By default, anything in world books is out, and anything in dragon magazine is also out. The exception to this would be playtest material that is due out in an upcoming core book.

For party makeup, I really only have a couple of rules. First, all of you must be living in the same town. Second, every character must have close ties to at least 2 other characters in the party. Close ties are not just “help her move” but “help her movie bodies.”

We’ll be using the Inherent Bonuses option for the campaign, which gives player characters bonuses as they level up. This is intended to eliminate the need to give out lots of magical weapons and armor to make the math work out correctly. If you use the character builder, it’s an option in the Character Details screen to enable this automatically.

For each individual character, once you’ve got an idea, I’d like to have some simple background centered around them as a person. For example, family status and names (are they still alive?), quick history (“studied at the local college since age of 12, always got in trouble, pines after Rieta” is enough), and a couple of key words describing your personality. In the race descriptions, they list some key personality traits of the race, just pick three or four that work for you.

Rules Changes

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