World Introduction

The Region

The campaign will center in an area I’m calling the Northlands because, well, I get to be uncreative sometimes. The area defined as the Northlands is composed mostly of rolling hills, bordered on the south by the Great Wastes which nobody has ever crossed on foot, the north by the towering Thornridge mountains (at least, that’s what you’ve been told they’re called), and Rollingwood to the west. The only city in this region is Titus, which sits on the Titus river. The Greatlands, on the other side of wastes, exists in tales with the rose glow of paradise.

The population of the towns and villages are a mix of human, Halfling, Tiefling, and Half-elves. Dwarves are known to live in the villages and towns, but most are centered in dwarf settlements closer to the Thornridge mountains. Scattered tribes of Dragonborn, Minotaur, and Goliaths live in the wild places; not as points of light but as savage barbarians within the darkness. Towns may trade with them, and rarely one or two families may reside there as well. Elves limit themselves to Rollingwood, coming out to trade with villages nearby, but almost exclusively with the riverside Halfling populations and very rarely with the greater Northlands population. An elf living in a Northlands settlement is a rare sight.

There is more (quite a bit more), but that’s what I consider you would know. If you want to play a Dragonborn or Dwarven character, chat with me.

Also, be ready for this to change over time, and as your locations change.

World Introduction

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